Robin Regent X-plane
Including 2 models:

DR400 Régent
DR400 Remo  

New Robin DR400-180 V3.0

With its Lycoming 180hp engine, the Regent is a 4-seat cross-country aircraft offering a unique combination of high performance, comfort and operating economy.

It has superior cruising speeds and range compared to most of its competitors and its fixed gear and fixed-pitch propellers make it dependable and easy to handle. Three fuel tanks with a 220 liter total capacity and an externally accessible luggage compartment are part of the standard equipment.

Robin DR.400/180 Regent performances:

Crew: 1
Wing span: 8.72 m
Length: 6.96 m
Wing surface: 13.60 m²
Max Weight at Take Off: 1100 kg
Max range: 783 nm (environ 1450 km)
Max Cruise: 120 noeuds (environ 200 km/h)
Max ceiling: 11400 ft (environ 3500 m)
Engine: 1 moteur Avco Lycoming 0-360-A de 180 ch.
Passengers: 4

This X-Plane® 3.0 revision includes the 2 models Régent and Remo in a standarf “house” livery and also includes a fullpack of 12 liveries. We also provide a complete paintkit for Photoshop and The Gimp.
This version works as well with X-Plane® 9 or 10. Follow user guide to install.

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Included 12 liveries fullpack

HB-KFK Breitling





xWine Color

PH-TIM Dutch



Red Leader



Complete paintkit provided !


Paintkit includes each and every graphic source file for Photoshop and The Gimp required to design custom livery.


Original Robin DR-400 from Avions Pierre Robin.

Adapted/Designed for X-Plane by Pascal Juge from Eric Dantes et Yannick Lavigne Flight Simulator 2002/2004 original model.

Normal-mapping and repaint ( XP France house-colors , PH-TIM et Breitling ) by Leen “Flybike” de Jager.