X-landmarks products enhance your X-Plane® simulator with hundreds of thousands VFR Landmarks and obstacles to air navigation, allowing VFR pilots to experience a new realistic environment.
These added object layers are suitable either for default X-Plane® terrain, or generic or photo-realistic addons.

X-landmarks series are developped in cooperation with Simulation DATA , a company commited for the constitution, the management, the qualification and the treatment of databases for aeronautical simulation either for professional and gaming.


X-landmarks FRANCE is an add-on for X-Plane® covering the entire French territory by adding to the initial scenery more than 500 000 objects including the totality of objects listed by the SIA (French Aeronautical Service Information) that have been geo-referenced and qualified.

The ambition of this product is to provide a reference in terms of obstacles and VFR landmarks for simulated air navigation. We will shortly set up a monitoring and reporting that will regularly specify, modify, add new objects or object classes..

X-landmarks FRANCE revision is compatible both with X-Plane® 9 & 10 versions. It is compatible with any addon of any type landclass or photo, provided that they are correctly georeferenced. Installation involves no modification of X-Plane ® system files and you can activate or disable as necessary as any other layer.

X-landmarks for X-Plane 9 & 10


More than 3500 official obstacles listed by the SIA :
  • 1 000 Radio masts and towers, telecommunication pylons
  • 1 000 Telecommunication relays and radio link tours
  • + 200 Air-cooling tours and industrial chimneys and flares
  • + 500 Water-towers
  • Lighthouses
  • Churches
  • Bridges and Viaducts
  • Nuclear and Heat Plants
Details and types of landmarks included :
  • 350 000 high-voltage electrical transmission line towers with bi-coloured mark-balls on the lines close to the airports
  • 3000 high-voltage transmission substations
  • 3000 Windmills
  • 55 000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas
  • 10 000 Water towers
  • 5 000 silos for agricultural storage
  • 11 000 industrial reservoirs
  • 11 000 antennas