Vignette X-Photo

Our range of photo-realistic sceneries for X&#8209Plane is currently under development. We will publish the first photo scenery and present the product range within the last quarter of this year.
Our main target for photo-realistic sceneries is to find a way to adapt our new 3D Automation ® technology within X-Plane ! This improved technology has already been included in Microsoft Flight Simulator VFR environment providing the most amazing experience in simulation ever.
Currently it is not possible to make a simple port of the technology in X-Plane ® given the limitations of the architecture and memory management model of this simulator. Nevertheless we hope eventually some improvements in X-Plane engine and we are working for the development of a subset of 3D Automation ® technology to enhance current versions of X-Plane ® 10.

A brand new range of high resolution photo-realistic scenery products (similar to France VFR Photo HD series for Flight Simulator) will be available by the end of 2012. Other stand alone building and vegetation autogen sceneries covering whole France will be developped together.