Vignette X-Terrain

X-terrain series enhance your X-Plane® default scenery with a new high resolution mesh and a complete very accurate hydro network including costlines, rivers, lakes and so on allowing the best VFR simulated flights.

X-terrain FRANCE is designed to work with X-Plane® versions 9 and 10 either on Microsoft Windows®, Apple Mac OS® or Linux platform. For technical and esthetic reasons, textures used come from X-Plane® 9. X-terrain FRANCE contains data covering whole France and extends few kilometers beyond neighboring countries.

We are still working to improve our X-terrain products and depending on X-Plane® new development tools we shall offer new features. Roads and railways are already planned for future update.

X-terrain series brings the best resolution for mesh and rivers ever for X-Plane®, allowing a much better landscap appreciation by the VFR pilot.


  • New 10 meters resolution mesh (10x accurate than X-Plane® default one) covering whole France and extended few kilometers beyond neighboring countries.
  • New hydrologic network very accurate (native resolution of 2 meters including coastlines, lakes, rivers, channels and ponds fully georeferenced.
  • Fixed airports platforms (background texture) to best suit the size and boundaries of every platform.
  • Compatibility with other addons (subject to proper geo-referencing).

High Resolution Datas

X-terrain uses very high definition data together with powerfull optimized algorythms for pre and post treatement.


Our MNT provides a native mesh up to 4,75 meters that are compiled for X-Plane® with a 10 meters resolution which is 10 times more accurate than X-Plane® default or most of available addons.


Vector datas for hydrologic network are native 2 meters resolution. Then they are simplified for X-Plane® to prevent performance loss.

Compatibility : X-Plane 9 &10 BUY
Price – Download : 34.90 €
Number of file(s) : 1
Total file(s) weight : 1,2 Go